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Training Course Information

NEST Courses*

The N.E.S.T. Course in Post-Natal Care (MATERNITY NURSING) is the most highly accredited course of its kind to date which includes ongoing tutorial support, a work experience scheme and agency referral

The Cost - 400 for a 6-week course; 2 days at the training centre and 6 weeks to complete coursework. The cost includes all course materials, lunch & light refreshments, ongoing tutorial scheme, advice in portfolio management and agency referral.

The N.E.S.T. Community Nanny Course Level III is a realistic course combining work experience and academic study at the N.E.S.T. training centre. Either Part-time over 12 weeks (day release) or 12 full days spread over 3 weeks. Both courses offer the opportunity to work in a private home and a nursery environment.

The Cost - 800 inclusive of all training, tutorials and course materials; finance schemes are available. Contact the Training Centre for details.

Other Courses

One Day Courses / Seminars

* N.E.S.T. Courses are accredited by the OCNOTC (Open College Network, Oxford, Thames & Chiltern)
* N.E.S.T. is currently under application with A.S.E.T. for ISO 9001. This course is designed using undergraduate criteria.

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