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The N.E.S.T. Accredited Course in Postnatal Care (Maternity Nursing)

The most highly accredited course in Post-Natal Care (Maternity Nursing). The only course to provide a level III, a work experience scheme, ongoing mentorship and agency referral.

Introduction by Kate Cranston-Stephens, BA(Hons), DPNC, MontDipEd

For over twenty years I have worked within the regime of the young and the very young as a Postnatal Carer (maternity nurse), teacher, researcher and educator. By combining these key ingredients, and listening to 'new' mums, midwives and healthcare specialists, I have adapted my research into a training programme for those who wish to enter the specialist field of newborn care.

  • Why use the term Postnatal Carer instead of Maternity Nurse ?

Because the term maternity 'nurse' suggests a medically qualified practitioner, conversations with healthcare professionals and new mum led me to invent the term 'Postnatal Carer'.

  • What is a Postnatal Carer ('maternity nurse') and what does she/he do? 

The PNC (Postnatal Carer) plays a tremendously important role in the early lives of 'new' mums and their newborn babies. It is the role of the PNC to instil confidence, provide support and advise a new mum in a very important, yet neglected role in society, that of a new mum. A 'PNC' will remain in the home until the new mum is satisfied that she is happy to continue without the guidance of the PNC.

"Why do N.E.S.T. use the term Postnatal Carer instead of Maternity Nurse?" Sara Travers, Nanny, in conversation with Kate Cranston-Stephens, Post Natal Carer & Founder of N.E.S.T.

  • What makes the accredited N.E.S.T. courses special?

N.E.S.T. Accredited Courses have been introduced to bring the postnatal care profession recognition, to regulate training practices and, on occasion, provide a lifeline in a sometimes isolating experience for a 'new' mother. 

N.E.S.T. Courses focus on both the care and support of the new mother ('listen to mum') and the newborn baby ('listen to baby')

The N.E.S.T. Course in Post-Natal Care offers a complete training programme with on-going tutorial support, advice and guidance. It has been designed as a learning tool to build confidence and promote education in newborn care for both carer and mother; also stepping outside the home environment and exploring the areas of law that affect all of us who work within the baby/childcare industry.

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