Welcome to T F N C

TFNC - The Friday Night Club are a group of friends who have been getting together since 1990 for Role Playing, Bar-B-Qs, computer gaming (both online, offline & network), Live Action Role Playing (LARP) and general fun.

The group meets, not unsurprisingly, on a Friday night in Stroud Gloucestershire. Where we play Traveller and Call of Cthulhu adventures. We have also been known to play other RPGs and board games as well.

We started playing network games back in the days before Windows took over and bought enough kit to network an entire house for a weekend in co-ax cable. Playing games over TCP/IP only. This all seems quite normal now but was no mean feat back in the pre and early internet days. Networking, in the main, finally gave over to online MMORPGs as ADSL became the norm. However, we still get together with our computers a few times a year to have the fun of complete parties sitting and playing in the same room.

As MMORPGs came along, almost the entire group started playing Everquest back in July 2000. The addiction was terrible! EQ widows were created, chores were never done and the normal computer gaming as we know it almost came to an end.

But not all was bad. A lot of new friends were made. Most of them from around the world. So much so that two of the group met first on line and then in real life their future wives. A lot of these new friends also came to visit and we went to them. So who says that computer games can not expand your horizons.

As time moved on most have now slipped away from EQ with WoW and Vanguard becoming the new addiction. With all the other MMORPGs coming out who knows what the future will hold?

On the LARP side we have set up a system for playing Cthulhu which we call the soul system. It is a way of taking your characters experience from game to game without having to play the same person. Over the years we have had many outings, some at the old farm in Perrott's Brook and some at the great Baskerville Hall in Clyro. The later is possible the most perfect venue you could imaging for such an event. Seeing grown adults running and screaming (for real) away from monsters is possibly the most satisfying thing a GM can ever experience!

Check the link out to the photos section above.

As for the future

We hope to continue to do more of all the above. We are always on the look out for people who want to spend time playing RPGs on a Friday and also to join in, in any of the other mad cap things we get up to. If you are interested then please feel free to post on the forum.

Gruff - Enjoy :)

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